The Fresco Conference. 4th International Workshop on Synaptic Plasticity: from bench to bedside 12 - 14 September 2016 - Lucca, Italy

Scientific Program

Session 1: Homeostasis: from the neuron to the brain
Chairs: John Rothwell + Paolo Calabresi
8:30 -9:15 lecture 1 The molecular bases of the homeostatic plasticity control. Dick Tsien
9:15-10:00 lecture 2 Beyond Neurons: Immune (glymphatic?) system and synaptic plasticity. Diego Centonze
10:00-10:45 lecture 3 Tracing plasticity in the human motor cortex: use-dependency and homeostasis; Hartwig Siebner
10:45-11:15 break
11:15-12:05 lecture 4: Sleep and Homeostasis; Chiara Cirelli
12:05-12:15 Comments from the Chairs
12:15-12:45 general discussion

12:45-14:45 Lunch and Poster session 1,
Chairs: Paolo Girlanda, Daniele Volpe, Antonio Mantovani

Session 2: Frontiers in Neuro-Rehabilitation
Chairs: Giovanni Abbruzzese + Giuseppe Frazzitta
14:45-15:30 lecture 1 Early rehabilitation in stroke? Ralph Nudo
15:30-16:15 lecture 2 Effects of transspinal direct stimulation on sensori- motor plasticity. Jack Martin
16:15-17:00 lecture 3 Effects of Reward on Brain Plasticity: Implications for Rehabilitation. Leo Cohen
17:00-17:30 break
17:30-18:30 lecture 4 Genetics, plasticity and Rehabilitation. Nir Giladi
18:20-18:30 Comments from the Chairs
18:30-19:00 Discussion
19:00-19:15 Paolo Fresco Remarks
19:15-20.15 Cocktail

September 13, 2016
Session 3: Brain oscillations and plasticity
Chairs: Simone Rossi, Paolo Manganotti
8:30 -9:15 lecture 1 TEP: principles and clinical applications. Marcello Massimini
9:15-10:00 lecture 2 Detection and classification by advanced EEG analyses in neuropsychiatric disorders. Nathan Intrator
10:00-10:45 lecture 3 Brain connectivity analyses with EEG: Techniques and Clinical Applications. Paolo Rossini
10:45-11:10 break
11:10-12:00 lecture 4 Closed loop stimulation: a future approach to neurological disorders. Ulf Zieman
12:00-12:10 Comments from the Chairs
12:10-12:40 general discussion

12:40-14:45 Lunch and Poster session 2
Chairs: Paolo Girlanda, Emiliano Ricciardi, Lucio Marinelli

Session 4: Brain oscillations in Neurological Disorders
Chairs: Ioannis Isaias, Enzo DiLazzaro
14:45-15:30 lecture 1 Movement inhibition and prefrontal modulation of beta oscillations. Giacomo Koch
15:30-16:15 lecture 2 What we have learned about dystonia from oscillatory activity in basal ganglia. Wolf-Julian Neumann
16:15-17:00 lecture 3 What we have learned about Parkinson’s disease from oscillatory activity in basal ganglia. Guglielmo Foffani
17:00-17:30 break
17:30-18:30 main lecture Transcranial alternating current stimulation: an appealing tool to modulate brain oscillations. Carlo Miniussi

18:20-18:30 Comments from the Chairs

18:30-19:00 Discussion
19:00-19:30 What’s in the pipeline? Highlights from the posters; Paolo Girlanda, Daniele Volpe, Lucio Marinelli, Antonio Mantovani, Emiliano Ricciardi

September 14, 2016
Session 5: Functional plasticity in Neuropsychiatry (and beyond)
Chairs: Mark George + Walter Paulus
8:30 -9:15 lecture 1 Impulse control disorders and plasticity. Pietro Pietrini
9:15-10:00 lecture 2 To sleep, per chance to dream. Giulio Tononi
10:00-10:45 lecture 3 Modulation of gamma activity and conscious awareness in dreams. MA Nitsche

10:45-11:10 break

11:10-12:00 lecture 4 Memory formation: from physiology to pathology. Cristina Alberini

12:00-12:10 Comments from the Chairs
12:10-12:35 Discussion
12:35-13:00 Summary & Concluding remarks Mark Hallett

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