3rd International Workshop on Synaptic Plasticity: from bench to bedside 04th - 06th June 2014 - Milazzo, Italy


synapticDear Colleagues and Friends, 

We welcome you to the “3rd International Workshop on Synaptic Plasticity: from bench to bedside”.
The success of the first two editions held in Taormina in 2010 and 2012 and the numerous unresolved issues in our complex field were strong arguments in favour of organizing a third edition of the conference. This third edition will focus on rehabilitation in movement disorders and on maladaptive plasticity in Parkinson’s disease dealing with dyskinesia and impulse control disorders.
In addition there will be a symposium dedicated to the role of cerebellum  in basal ganglia disorders. An entire symposium will be dedicated to diffusion tensor imaging  as a tool to monitor longitudinally structural plasticity in neurological diseases.
Finally the last symposium will focus on the importance of cortical re-organizations in brain tumors and how information can be used by neurosurgeons to plan and perform tumor excision.

The Congress Chairpersons:
Angelo Quartarone and Paolo Girlanda




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